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Urdu Stories and Pakistan

Pakistan is a country known for its love for its tradition and family oriented individuals. Because of this, poetry that speaks of love, passion and religion make up the lives of many Pakistanis.

Urdu, the official language in Pakistan together with English is the most widely used language in the whole country. Although there are other languages, most of the people in the urban area use Urdu.

A large collection of Islamic and Sharia literature are originally written in Urdu before other languages. Translations and interpretation of Qur’an are also written in Urdu.

The language therefore has a large following; it is also used as an official language in areas of India. In reality however, Urdu is in contract with Hindi.

In Poetry, Urdu sit he premier language for the South Asia and has rich traditional variety in poetic genres.

Subjective poetry called Ghazal is written in Urdu. Popular poets such as Mir, Ghalib, Dagh and Faiz all use Ghazal.

On the narrative, descriptive and didactic purposes, Nazm in Urdu is used.

Masnavi, a variation of Urdu is used for romantic and religious poetry.

But what about some Urdu Sex Stories? Urdu Sex Stories are also a part of Urdu fiction. You would love to read some Urdu Sex Stories here.


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